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Welcome to Venus Ceramic Industry Sdn Bhd

The premises from which Venus Ceramic Industry Sdn. Bhd. operates, covers a land area of 42.55 acres in Kluang, Johor. It had started production on 29th October 2005, currently has more than 374 employees on its payroll.

Nano Technology Polished Tiles

The Nano Technology Polished Tile combining both the traditional and the modern; hand-painted decor in perfect harmony with the base, maintains the balance between the base..

Full Bodied

Full Bodied, designed to be used on floors, brings a new style and design to our indoor and covered-outdoor spaces and ambiences, imbuing them with warmth on the strength of their singular texture...


Porcelain has been adapted to fit in with the latest ideas in design, based on a style that goes beyond pure minimalism by opening up new decorative and horizons. This, plus its large formats in keeping with the latest trends in porcelain tiles, allows for the creation...


To harmoniously, to offer a complete design solutions, capable of giving character to all home environments. A great number of sizes, suitable for infinitive floor and wall applications. The beauty and elegance of its design always creates the perfect atmosphere...


Venus as the national trademark in ceramic tiles industry is dedicated and committed to meed customer expectation ...

Venus Ceramic Industry Sdn. Bhd.