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Monthly Archive December 2017

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Homogeneous, a pure representation of aged metal, striking a perfect and harmonious balance between the avant garde aspect of metals and mellow rust effects, is a true-to-life reproduction of a type of natural stone traditionally. It combining colours and patterns able to meet the latest trends in fashion and design, creating a tile series suitable for use on floors, for settings of all kinds.

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Full Bodied

Full Bodied, designed to be used on floors, brings a new style and design to our indoor and covered-outdoor spaces and ambiences, imbuing them with warmth on the strength of their singular texture, whilst also ensuring that their style fits in perfectly with current trends such as minimalism and vanguardism.

It inspired by the materials that surround us, transforming them into a surface with the emphasis on design.


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The Nano Technology Polished Tile combining both the traditional and the modern; hand-painted decor in perfect harmony with the base, maintains the balance between the base, steps, the decorated rise of the steps creating warm environments.

It has been adapted to fit in with the latest ideas in design, based on a style that goes beyond pure minimalism by opening up new decorative and horizons.


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